Magnetic BEC

I’m developing a Magnetic BEC. It is a combination of my Magnetic Switch and a BEC “Linear regulator”. The idea is, that it should follow the specification from my switch ie. 7A continuous and more than 20A in peak. The first prototype is complet and testing just began.

No Gyros

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I do not think the gyros should be used in our competitions. Therefore I have made ​​this sticker. The stickers is 4cm in diameter and easy to remove.

Order 16 stickers and pay only for the shipping. Sold Out

New sticker

StickerNow all Magnetic Switchs comes with a sticker. Put it on the fuselage just above the Switch. With this sticker it will be easy to locate the switch and turn the plane on and off. The sticker is made of a ultra thin material, to keep aerodynamic drag to a minimum. Size is 14 x 43 mm and thickness is approximately 0.05 mm

New Cables

StikI constantly look for better components for my switches. I want them to stay as the best and most stable on the market. I found a German quality cable from It is my opinion that they make some of the best cables in the world. All Magnetic Switchs will now be made ​​with this cables. In the long term it may lead to a price increase, but for now the price will remain the same.

Smart Magnet Holder

Smart-Magnet-HolderMany users and potential buyers of the magnetic switch is afraid of losing the magnet.

And it is also understandable, the magnet is the key. Without it, it’s hard to switch on and off the plane.

This is why I created the Smart Magnet Holder. This solution can be clipped to your jacket or pants. The magnet is mounted on 75cm line with auto roll up.

That way you’ll always know where your magnet is.

New temperature range for the Magnetic Switch

winter-frostI have been looking on the temperature specifications of the components I use in the Magnetic Switch. It turns out that I’ve been very careful when I determine the operating temperature range for the Switch (-10C to +50C). Because all the components can handle down to minus 40 degrees Celsius. The new operating temperature range is (-40C to +50C). So if there is someone who wants to go out and fly in extreme cold. They should not worry about the functionality of my magnetic switch. Remember to bring warm clothes.