Magnetic Switch Nano


Designed for DLG and HLG model gliders. Lightweight switch, less than 2g.
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There are a variety of issues when a company needs to print ID cards and whatever they do must be affordable. When you are thinking both the software you should think about the quality of the picture you want. Often the more you pay for the software the better quality it will be. However, there are a few of the lower cost software that does a very good job of creating crisp and clear picture. The company must also take into consideration the printer that they will be using to print the ID cards on. In reality, ID Cards need to be printed on an ID card printer. , read this article They are not the same as a LaserJet or inkjet printer.

They work on a principle that uses magnetics and it encodes all of your types of ID. This means that it makes sure that you security strip is encoded so it can open door or whatever is necessary for each badge. When you pick your ID card printer it is a good idea to check it for the software recommendations so that you can be sure that the software is compatible with the printer. Project management apps, this will save you hours of trying to figure out what is going on if there is a problem. Once you have figured out the type of software you need, doing the research on the different types of software is essential. Here are a few of the most popular: EPI Suite -- when you are looking for a software program where you need high end security this software package could be the correct source. It allows you to design, print and encode your high security ID cards.

You can choose from three different packages with the price being determined by the product you need. , team task management It comes in Classic, Lite and Pro packages. ID Works Intro Software -- this is a group of ID software packages that are designed for those who are just beginning to get into the ID card arena. They a, task manager app, re able to design the ID card and do a few other things but they are not designed to create a full fledged program. Asure ID Express Software -- if you don't like the idea of having to work over the Internet to get your ID cards produced you can try a stand alone version. This software package is one example and it will only design and print ID cards at a single location. When you are trying to decide which ID card software is right for you it may be a good idea to check with people who are in your industry who are using ID cards.

They will usually know what works best in the industry as opposed to those that don't serve the purpose. Another thing you can do is download the free version of the software. Many of them have a free 10 or 15 day trial to help you decide if it works for you. You can find out more at ID Superstore and details about this software.

Production test\n All switches have been tested with 4A for 30 sec before delivery. Standby consumption is controlled and a visual inspection is made.

Recommendations\n We recommend the New Smart Magnet Holder for all our products.


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