Test of Magnetic Switch 7A Waterproof in RC submarine

We have been contacted by Tom Chalfant. He has been building RC models submarines in many years. He offered to test our new product, which is the Magnetic Switch 7A Waterproof. Below you see Tom Chalfant with hers Seaview and a Jeff Porteus’ slightly larger version.

As Tom says: These subs run very much like the real subs. There are many different ways we submerge. We have systems that use a piston or pump that will bring in or push out water/air to change the buoyancy enough to submerge (Static diving) and others that use just forward motion to dive (dynamic diving). The electronics are kept in a WTC (Water Tight Container). This area usually stays very dry. The Seaview had an electronic switch, but it is not waterproof or resistant and condensation cause a short. I have been looking for a magenetic switch that would serve our hobby and offer protection like yours.

Designed for RC Sailboads

We are working on a new version of our popular magnetic switch. It is designed specifically for RC Sailboads. We have had several requests for a water repellent switch. Below is our first prototype. I am very satisfied with the result so far. Testing is already starting, more will come in order to ensure a good and reliable product.

Magnetic BEC 7A – F5B Flight Test

F5B test

Piermario Cavaggioni and his team mate have complete all test in the workshop. And they have move on to inflight test. Piermario have made a detailed worksheet with data from two test flights. If you are interested, the worksheet can be downloaded here F5B_flight_test_ZEPSUS

I have been contacted by several interested who want more technical details on the Magnetic BEC 7A. For those who can not wait, here are a few headlines.
Input voltage: Designed for 2s Lipo/Liion/LiFe
Output voltage: 5.7V
Output current continuous: 1.75A if used with 2S lipo (7.4V)
Output current burst: >10A if used with 2S lipo (7.4V)
Dimensions including heat shrink: 40 x 15 x 5mm

New Magnetic BEC 7A


There has been an increasing demand for small form factor equipment in new competition planes. It’s one of the reasons why we, in cooperation with the Italian F5B team, have made this new medium size Magnetic BEC 7A. In terms of output power level it’s between the two well-known versions Magnetic BEC 14A and Magnetic BEC 5A. Piermario, my team contact, to the right and Alex his friend to the left, will the next few months test the new version of magnetic BEC. If everything goes as expected, they will be put on the webshop this spring.

The output voltage of the New Magnetic BEC 7A is 5,7V to minimize power loss and increase output power. The wires are upgradet from 0.25mm2 to 0.5mm2, same high-quality wires as the Magnetic Switch 7A.